Brandsonic Games is no more

Brandsonic Games is no more. I have made this decision based off of many factors. I want to start over and distance myself from the original games as much as possible. Brandsonic is NOT going to stop making games. We now have a new games division, called Regolith Games. All games produced by Regolith will be higher quality and highly playable. Also we will not release the game until its done, unless we do a open beta test. This is the last post that will be posted on this blog. There will be a new blog for Regolith Games.  Below is the new logo.

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Rollie World is being remade!

I am getting RPG Maker VX for christmas. Therefore I will be remaking Rollie World with RPG Maker VX. I will try to make it has close to the original game as I can.

Rollie World is 1 year old today!!!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the release of Rollie World! I am happy to announce that I'm planing Rollie World Portable for the iPhone! It will be as close to the pc game as possible. It will also be the very first game that is coded. It will be a few years before it is done but I will keep you posted. More info tomorrow.

New game soon: Rollie

Rollie is Brandsonic's first flash game as well as the first platform game. It its a platformer. The story is: Master Black has invaded Rollie Land and wants to take over. You have to stop him before its too late. If you don't Rollie Land will be Master Black's country and you can let that happen.

The game will be released sometime in the next 30 days since I am making it with a 30 day trial of Macromedia Flash Professional 8. I will release it on November 16th. It will be an online game playable on the Brandsonic Games site. I will tweet when I release the game. Keep an eye on my Youtube Channel a preview video.

Update 11/16/10: This game is no longer being made in flash. It is now being made in Game Maker 8. The release date is TBA. I will post a video preview when it gets farther along. This game may also be available for the Mac as well as the PC.

Rollie World Alpha 4 update: BIG Changes coming

Rollie World Alpha 4 is gonna make Alpha 3 look like a minor update! I've redesigned all the towns, redesigned the castle and redid the beginning again (this is the beginning that will be in the final release I swear!) I've changed the story as well. Now the object of the game is to get the 5 power crystals. There is one for each element. They are held in the castle in the beginning and Master Black takes them. He uses them to become the master of all elements then spreads them around Rollie Land. You have to get all of them back and get to Master Black's castle in the sky to save the king.

Rollie World update: Alpha 4 in the works!

I'm not dead. I'm focusing all by game making time on Rollie World. Alpha 4 is in the works right now.  So far I rewrote what your mom says to you after you get home after Master Black defeats you. I also fixed the graphical glitches on Rollie Route 1. I renamed Rollie Bros. Castle to Old Rollie Castle to reflect the story. I also added a lot of misc. bug fixes. Unforunetly I was forced to remove the Enemy HP in battle due to a nasty bug that didn't allow the player to use items in battle. Ill be releseing a video preview sometime soon so be watching out for that.

Rollie World Alpha 3 released

After about 2 months of hard work Rollie World Alpha 3 was released yesterday. This is the first major update to Rollie World or any Brandsonic game. Click here to view the changelog.